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Tim is a registered Osteopath and graduate from the University College Of Osteopathy (Formally BSO) . He is FIX-ME's lead Practitioner and specialises in treating performing artists from all over London.

Tim is an open-minded, holistic and patient practitioner; involved in promoting health and self management in all patients from all background and ages.


In addition to this Tim has a career history in musical theatre which lends itself to now being heavily involved in treating members of the performing arts industry for a wide range of presentations. Tim uses his natural empathy and instinct to look beyond each patient’s symptoms and treat the primary cause of pain.


He believes good communication is very important in healthcare and strives to make his patients feel as comfortable as they can in the clinic environment to make the experience as a whole enjoyable. He has a broad range of approaches to offer to patients which include structural, visceral, cranial techniques, as well as dry needling and mindfulness.


He is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy (IO). As a Registered Osteopath he undertakes regular courses as part of continued professional development (CPD).

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