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The body’s largest ball and socket joint, designed to allow fluid motion and withstand repeated movements.

At FIXMI we see Hip pain regularly, particularly amongst our dancers and performers. Despite its durability- the Hip is not indestructible.

Below is a list of common presentations I see in clinic:
Hip Labral Damage/Tear
Hip Impingement
Muscle or tendon strain
Tendonitis of the hip
Rheumatoid arthritis

Symptoms you be experiencing:
Reduced range of movement
Pain on walking/ General weight bearing
Pain inside the hip joint
Pain inside the Groin
Pain in the lower back/buttock area.

When patients present with deep hip pain, unpalpable and an insidious onset of symptoms- I have a duty of care to systemically screen patients to be certain that their symptoms are not from a sinister cause.

Symptoms to be aware of that suggest further investigation is needed:
Rapid Weight loss
Night Pain & Night Sweats
Fever/ Chills
Deformity of the hip/leg
Inability to move leg at all
Loss or changes of Bladder/ Bowel Function
Loss of sensation around inner thigh Area
Abdominal Pain
Cyclic Pattern to your pain

Possible relating causes:
Avascular necrosis
Hip Fracture
Bone Infection
Gynaecological referral
Prostate referral
Gastrointestinal referral

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms discussed, please seek medical attention immediately.

Hip Pain: Resources
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